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Nimith Consulting
Connecting with the common people by sharing day-to-day examples

Nimith Consulting
Unleashing Creativity at workplace and maitaining Work Life Balance

Nimith Consulting
Game-Changers for numerous corporate individuals

Know Nimith Consulting

Nimith Consulting is into face-to-face Corporate Training and Consultancy services for productivity improvement in manufacturing and service industry sectors.

‘Nimith’, meaning ‘transformation’ in Cambodian and ‘meaningful coincidence’ in Indian language is a word that succinctly signifies what we stand for, and are hoping to deliver, on all levels of experience.

In Corporate training, it offers a range of corporate (in-house and out-bound) and public training programs to build skills and competencies among Leaders, Managers and individuals leading to enhanced productivity. Through our sessions, participants gain considerable insights in both professional and in personal life spectrum. The sessions enable them to bring about fundamental changes within themselves, and in response to their work surroundings.

In Consultancy, Nimith undertakes jobs for productivity improvement at various kinds of work-places – be it manufacturing or service areas - 5 S, Kaizen, Value Analysis & Value Engineering (VA/VE), Quality Control tools, Total Productive Maintenance etc.

Nimith Consulting, living true to its name, aims and promises to provide complete transformation, at the core. Nimith attracts a diverse and growing audience from private, public and corporate sectors.

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The participants are introduced to the various aspects of successful transition to managers: Self-assessment, Time Management, Goal Setting, Effective Communication, Coaching and change management. The programs develop the aspects into a framework that is easy for new managers to understand and adopt.

Our greatest strength is to explain profound insights with common, simple daily examples and experiences that participants can relate to, and this naturally guarantees that they gain a substantial lot from his sessions.